Jengu Delivery App

Delivering supplies to those who need it most

Delivering supplies to those who need it most.

Jengu helps individuals get basic supplies, while helping both recipients and deliverers maintain a safe social distance during these uncertain times. 

Jengu is a non-profit project with a free app for all users. It works anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a mobile device. Anyone is welcome to request help on Jengu!


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the whole world, with more or less intensity and in waves, with many countries’ medical systems overwhelmed, and many cities and regions having gone into complete shutdown. Policies and strategies are shifting rapidly to try to contain the pandemic. In many countries, non-profit organizations built to distribute goods in moments of crisis are facing historical demand.

In this environment of risk and uncertainty, we need to ensure that our vulnerable populations–the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, or those with very low income–are protected yet can still obtain the groceries, medical items and other supplies they need.

Jengu provides a way for such individuals to request supplies from these sorts of organization and arrange safe transfer of goods via methods designed to limit the spread of infection.


  1. The individual requesting goods signs in to the app through their phone.
  2. They then can browse a map that shows nearby Jengu organizations who are distributing goods. 
  3. They see a list of goods that are available at the distribution center, and select what they need.
  4. The distribution center will then receive the information on what has been ordered, so that they can pack the order for the arrival of the person who requested the goods.
  5. The individual in need of help then simply has to go to the distribution center to pick up their goods.

How can I help?

We are in the process of searching for food pantries that could utilize this application. If you are involved in a food pantry, or know of someone who is, then getting in touch with us would be a massive help! Our beta of the app is underway, and getting as many organizations involved as possible will help us figure out what sort of improvements we can add to the app.

Can I help in other ways?

Definitely! If you have some time to help us get in touch with food pantries then that will be a huge help! We would like to contact as many as possible, so anybody that is willing to help us send out emails will free us up to continue developing the app.

At the current moment we are also raising funds to officially incorporate, and we could greatly use some help with this. Our fundraiser goal at the moment is $1,000 to cover all filings to officially become a 501c non-profit in the United States. If you can help in anyway that would be greatly appreciated. Please note that since this donation is to help us incorporate as a non-profit, that it will then not be a tax deductible donation.

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We hope to use our expertise and availability to build something that can help a great amount of people worldwide.

At the moment the app is in beta, but we are currently setting up organizations to use the app immediately. If you are within an organization that could use our help then simply email us at

We use the location a user selects when they are requesting a delivery to inform those that are completing deliveries to know where to drop the items. We do not store any location information besides delivery locations.

After a delivery is completed, each user is given the option to report the other user if there was a problem. Once someone is reported, we then remove them from the system until we have the opportunity to investigate the issue further.

When this happens, the person reported will be temporarily unable to request help or complete requests. The person reporting the other person will then be given a set of choices to select why they are reporting that person, and they will also have the ability to attach any photos that they have. An administrator will then be notified of the issue, and it will be up to them to review the situation, and decide whether they need to take further action, or simply resolve the issue.


About Our Name

A Jengu is a water spirit in the traditional beliefs of the Sawa people of Cameroon. Like a mermaid, they bring luck to those who worship them, including curing disease.

Our Team

Hello! We’re Bryce, Curt, Anna, and Kate. We come from a wide variety of interests – web developer; intercultural trainer; volunteer worker; artist – and are spread across the earth from Barcelona to New York City to Milwaukee and Taiwan.

Although we are situated in many corners of the globe, it is clear that we are all facing the same fight against the novel coronavirus. The support needed by our friends next door is the same support needed by folks on the other side of the world.

Our goal is to put opportunity into the hands of those who want to help. Through this simple and straightforward app, we aim to make helping your community as seamless as possible.

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